Saturday, October 25, 2008

The View of Sempadi Island- My Leaving

During my leaving.. I managed to captured images of Sempadi Island..

Sempadi Island- Ikan Tamban

Too excited I acted so crazyly. Have you done this before?

Sempadi Island -My Visit

Sempadi Island -My Visit

I wish i can spend most of my time here..

Sempadi Island-My Visit

Sempadi Island -My Visit

kewl place to visit during holiday. This place i think has not been commercialize yet and during holiday less people come to Sempadi Island.. I can only spotted few people fishing. I like this place i hope someday authority can make this place a tourist spot. Location not to far from the port. Actually there are many famous island in Kuching Sarawak like Satang,Talang,Lakir and Pulau burung...

Pictures of the past ...

Pictures taken few months back...thank you for viewing..